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“Teach me how to live to please you, because you are my God.” Psalm 143:7

The Splash Zone Preschool is a ministry of Spirit of Joy Lutheran Church. This ministry exists for the purpose of giving your child the enrichment and guidance they need in their early formative years in a loving and caring Christian environment. At the Splash Zone Preschool, we plan our curriculum with the goal of nurturing each child’s mental, emotional, social, physical, and spiritual development. We also believe the only way to assure a child’s successful experience is to develop a close relationship, full of understanding and cooperation between parents and staff.

Our Mission

Our mission at the Splash Zone preschool is to create a fun, Christ-centered learning environment where children ages 6 weeks through 4 years are free to explore, make discoveries, and dream big all while facilitating a close relationship with God. Through interactive learning experiences we will help children to feel loved and cared for, to foster growth in their knowledge of the Bible, and to encourage fun while developing physically, mentally, socially, spiritually, and emotionally.

Our Core Beliefs, Values and Teachings

Learning – We believe in teaching children who Jesus is and why he loves them and through this process the children will learn about all the things Jesus created for them to use and enjoy such as animals, colors, shapes, numbers and letters.

Creative Teaching – We believe in teaching our entire curriculum in a creative manner to keep the children engaged and to ensure the passing on of each timeless Bible story message.

Love– We believe that we should teach children how to love one another by modeling being kind and helpful to our classmates and teachers.

Safety– We believe that children should be kept physically, emotionally, and spiritually safe at all times.

Worship– We believe we show Jesus we love him by having fun learning about Him, praying and singing songs to Him.

Family– We believe in fostering a close relationship with each child’s family to encourage a solid foundation for the children to grow upon as well as to extend our ministry outward into the community.